On your Service Links, the attachments that you show your customers -- the images, videos, and documents that provide a rich record of the work that you performed -- are a critical component of your service story.  With this release, we've improved how those attachments are presented to your customers.

These improvements include:

  • Larger thumbnail images 
  • Larger display of selected attachments, with more prominent description and download display
  • Improved usability:  mobile devices can scroll through images by swiping right/left; desktop users can use the left and right arrow keys

Search and Filter Attachments

It is now possible to search and filter the attachments on a record (job, quote, etc).  Type your search into the 'filter attachments' box at the top of the attachments section:

You can search for attachments by the file name or by the description of the file (if you provided one).  

In this release, the following types of records' attachments can be searched and filtered:

  • jobs
  • quotes
  • service contracts
  • assets

This capability will be extended to more types of records in the future.

Blank Paperwork Improvements

ServiceTrade's blank paperwork fillable fields feature now support five additional fillable fields:

  • servicetrade_job_estimated_price - The total of the estimated prices of all services on the job
  • servicetrade_job_created_date - The date/time on which the job was created
  • servicetrade_customer_phone - The job customer's phone number
  • servicetrade_location_email - The job location's email address
  • servicetrade_office_email - The email address of the office performing the job
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