Many ServiceTrade customers already take advantage of our cost markup contract rule feature, which lets you specify a percentage by which the costs of your job items are marked up when you create an invoice or quote for your customers.

However, in some cases you may have specific items which need to be marked up by a special amount that is different than your standard markup. For instance, you may mark up your labor item costs by a lower percentage than parts, or you may not mark up permit fees at all.

To support those use cases, it's now possible to assign a specific cost markup amount to any item on any contract:

The percentage that you enter here will be applied to the cost of that item when you create an invoice or a quote.  Item-specific markup percentages override any existing contract-wide cost markup rules that you have.  To represent that an item is not marked up at all (that is, the price that you charge to your customer for an item is equal to the cost of that item), enter a cost markup percentage of 0%.

For more information about managing item costs, please see our job costing support article.

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