Typically, contracts in ServiceTrade represent a relationship between you and a customer company for its locations.  For instance, if Company X owns 30 locations, and you perform all the preventative maintenance services for those 30 locations, then you might create a contract between your company and Company X that describes the period of time in which those services will be delivered, the prices that you will charge Company X to deliver those services, and so forth.

However, there are situations when your relationship is not with the owner of those locations, but with some other party.  For instance, the services you perform may be on behalf of (and billed to) the property manager instead of the location owner, or you may perform warranty work that is billed to an equipment manufacturer or distributor.

To handle those situations, it is now possible to create contracts in ServiceTrade for ANY location, not just the locations that are owned by that contract's customer.  These are called alternative customer contracts.

The example below shows a contract with Encom Manufacturing to perform warranty work at the Thai Satay Restaurant.  Since the warranty applies only for one year, the contract ends on date is one year from its starting date.  Note that the contract is applied specifically to the location Thai Satay Restaurant, even though that location's parent company is NOT Encom Manufacturing.  Also note that this contract is scoped just to the Warranty job type, which means that this contract can only be used for warranty jobs at Thai Satay. 

Whenever a warranty job or quote is created for Thai Satay Restaurant with this contract, the customer for that job (or quote) will be Encom Manufacturing, NOT the company that owns Thai Satay Restaurant (as would normally be the case).  For jobs created with this contract, the customer for that job's invoices will also be Encom Manufacturing.

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