Here's the recording of the Bearded Briefing new features demo we hosted on June 6, 2019. Because watching our charming banter once is never enough.

Q: For the contracts getting added to services - can you set the prefered contracted to the service templates?

A: No, not at the moment.

Q: Is there a way to export contracts into a PDF so I can share them with my customers?

A: Not right now. However, we are working on features that will enable you to send your customer service contracts online so they can review and approve them.

Q: How do I search for a list of all Open jobs - scheduled AND unscheduled? Thank you.

A: On the job list you can filter by more than one job status.

Q: Can you assign a certain warehouse to a Technician?

A: No. We found that the majority of customers using the warehouse features did not need this functionality because technicians often switch between different trucks and they would rather have the tech explicitly select which warehouse they are using inventory from.

Q: Since you can add technicians to the item list now, do you know if that information will transfer into quickbooks during the invoicing process? For billing tracking per tech?

A: No job item data is pushed into QuickBooks. Instead, there are integration settings for QuickBooks Desktop that enable you to push job owner, job sales rep, or the technician on the last appointment into the “rep” field on the QuickBooks invoice. See this article for more details:

Q: Would be nice to be able to add tech certifications/license #'s and have this info show up on the WO Ack.

A: We plan on adding a feature that will give you a freeform notes fields on the user (technician) that will show up on the dispatch board and blank paperwork if you insert the corresponding paperwork field.

Q: Can a technician see tags for a location on the mobile app?

A: Yes. By clicking the "View more details" option in the mobile app, they can view the job and location tags. Depending on their permissions, they can also edit and add new tags.

Q: Can you make the PDF fillable form more dynamic within ST so we don't have to download a PDF viewer, fill it and re-upload it.

A: No. Building our own PDF editor would require significant development resources. We would have to dedicate our entire R&D team to this one feature for months to build a comparable tool to those already in the app stores. Instead, we would rather spend those development resources building features that help you be more valuable to your customers.

Q: Can we filter jobs to not include specific companies?  

No. None of the lists in ServiceTrade have “exclusionary” filter options.

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