Tags on Dispatch Board

With today's release, it's now possible to see and change the tags associated with any job via the dispatch board.  To view a job's tags, simply double-click to open any appointment, and details about the appointment (including the appointment's job's tags).

For more information about using tags, including the permissions that control which users can see and modify tags, please see this support article.  For more information about using the dispatch board, please see this support article.

Quote API Improvements

The ServiceTrade quote API now supports the following:

  • Support for a contactId  parameter when requesting changes to a quote.
  • Support for a contactId  parameter when viewing a quote.

Fore more information on these changes, please see the quote API documentation.

Invoice API/import improvements

The ServiceTrade invoice API and 'Invoice Updates' now support updating an existing invoice to change its status from 'processed' to 'sent' (previously this transition was now allowed).

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