Location Page Improvements

A few weeks ago, we announced the launch of beta testing for our new location page.  Based on user feedback, we've added a number of improvements to that page, including:

  • Addition of scheduling calendars to the location (and asset!) page service lists
  • Toggle for displaying/hiding subassets
  • Improved display of canceled jobs
  • A raft of tweaks and minor bugfixes

Quote Improvements

It's now possible to change a quote's contract assignment through the manage quote popup:

IMPORTANT:  Note that changing the contract on a quote may change the prices that the customer will be charged for the items on that quote.

User API Improvements

It is now possible to assign a time zone to a user via the ServiceTrade API.  Any IANA time zone in the US and Canada regions (such as America/New_York) is supported.  For more information, please see the user API documentation.

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