If a Username or Password has been forgotten, or is not accepted while logging into ServiceTrade, we provide you with a few options to reset your Password or receive your Username.

Whether your’re logging into ServiceTrade via the Mobile App or the Web App, you will see a "Forgot username or password?" link:

Web App:

Mobile App:

This link will take you to a page that will allow you to either:

  • Submit your email address associated with your Username, to be sent a link to see your Username. 
  • Submit your Username to be sent an email with a link to reset your password. Note that this too will be sent to the email already associated with your account.

If the above steps are unsuccessful for any reason, contact your ServiceTrade Admin for your company, as they can also reset your password, or tell you what your Username is.

***Note that ServiceTrade Support may not be able to reset passwords for the security of your company.***

For Admin Users
As an Admin User in ServiceTrade, you’ll have the ability to create a New Password for Users.
Simply navigate to the User Page by heading to My Account at the top of the ServiceTrade app, and select Users in the submenu:

Once on the Users Page, select the User that needs a new password, and select their name from the list.
This will bring you to that User’s page, where you will see a Blue Button in the Action Menu that says “Change Password”:

Selecting that option will bring you to this screen, where you can create a new Password for that User.
Note that you will need verify your own password to make these changes.

If you need assistance changing your ServiceTrade Username, please have an Account Admin contact ServiceTrade Support at support@servicetrade.com

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