• Comment list ordering newest to oldest
  • Option to have no State entry for contacts
  • User location center button on maps
  • Syncing symbol appears when user manually re-syncs file
  • Keyboard appears automatically on description screen during deficiency creation
  • Clock-in bar displays job number
  • Clock-in bar loading faster
  • Attachment list loading faster
  • Disable login button if the request to login is pending
  • Improved Offline deficiency creation to work more reliably
  • Paperwork thumbnail is now always the placeholder image
  • New attachments have grey thumbnails

Bug fixes:

  • Multi attachment uploader failing if connection was weak
  • Landscape job description not rotating
  • BugFix: Deficiencies Asset does not load upon initial landing
  • BugFix: Attachments list not updating as attachments are uploaded
  • BugFix: Clock-ins/outs are unable to be selected when attachments are stuck uploading, or the app has timed out
  • BugFix: Images & Videos were not always compressing
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