• The supplier exists in PartsLedger

  • The receiving warehouse exists in PartsLedger

  • The ServiceTrade job, if applicable, exists and is currently open


  1. Navigate to Orders → New P/O

  2. Select a Supplier and a Ship To address

  3. Click Assign Order Number to open a new purchase order for editing

  4. Scroll down to the New Order Item input box to enter new part line items

  5. Select an open work order using the Link to Work Order field if ordering directly for a job

  6. Click the Add Order Item to save the line item, repeat for remaining line items

  7. Click Print or Email to send the finished purchase order to your supplier


  • If ordering parts or material that do not have a part number in your system, use the general material part (typically called MTL) and briefly describe the material using the Note A field. This description replaces the MTL part name in ServiceTrade

  • The parts will automatically appear on the ServiceTrade Job upon receipt

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