• Depending on your accounting system model, you have either physically received the inventory OR you have received the vendor invoice (ask your accountant if you are unsure)

  • One or more purchase orders have one or more line items with unreceived quantities


  1. Navigate to Logistics → New Receipt

  2. Select the Supplier from the dropdown

  3. Select a ShipTo Address

  4. Click Filter Open Order Items to show receivable purchase order line items

  5. Click Receive Line at the right of each row to add just one line item to the Unreceived Packages list, OR click the orange Receive All button at the bottom of the list to add all line items displayed on the page to the Unreceived Packages list

  6. Click Post Receipt at the bottom of the page to add the parts to inventory and post a journal entry


  • Purchase orders use "Same as BillTo" as a default ShipTo address. If you don't see the parts you expect, try selecting a different ShipTo Address

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