The following article was created with an ASUS Android Tablet. You may see some slight differences in appearance while performing this work on other Android devices, though the workflow is generally the same.

Step 1: Clock in to the Job.

Step 2: After clocking in, select "View more details" to switch over to Tablet Mode.

Step 3: Select "Actions" --> "Download Blank Paperwork".

Step 4: Select the forms you want to download, then select "Generate."

Step 5: Once your download(s) are complete, open the Adobe Acrobat app on your device. Click on the "Files" section, and then "On This Device."

Step 6: Select the desired PDF(s).

Step 7: Complete and review your paperwork in Adobe. You will be unable to review or make changes once you have finalized things within Adobe.

Step 8: Once you have completed and reviewed your work in Adobe, select the "Share" icon, which looks like a sideways triangle with 3 dots.

Step 9: After tapping the "Share" icon, you will see the window shown below. Here, you can share a copy of this document.

Step 10: After selecting "Share a Copy," you will be presented with the menu shown below. Choose the "ServiceTrade" option. 

Step 11: After selecting "ServiceTrade," if you are clocked into a job, you will see the screen shown below. Verify that the Location and Job number are correct, and then select "Upload."

Step 12: That's it! The completed form will be added to ServiceTrade's mobile app, as well as to the Job page in the web app.

Last updated August 19th, 2019.

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