Automatically Assign Service Contract to Job

It is now possible to automatically assign a contract when creating a new job, based on the contract assigned to the services that you select.

To automatically select a contract, simply select one or more services that have associated contracts when creating a new job from the location page.

A job can only have one contract assigned to it, so you'll see a warning if some of the services that you select have different contracts:

For more information about assigning contracts to services, see this article.

Use Alternate Bill-To Contracts on Quotes

Recently we added the ability to create contracts for alternate bill-to customers -- that is, contracts for a company OTHER than the company that owns a location.  In this release, it's now possible to select those contracts when creating a quote for any location.

New Location Page Improvements

Based on user feedback from our beta testers, we've made many improvements to the new location page that was made available in June 2019.  A partial list of the new improvements:

  • Improved display of assets
  • Toggle display of subassets
  • Toggle display of canceled quotes
  • Layout and display bugfixes
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