Open the purchase order in PartsLedger

  1. Navigate to Orders ➔ Purchase Orders ➔ List

  2. Search for the purchase order number

  3. Click View on the right side of the desired purchase order's row to open the order

Open the shipment receipt

  1. View the purchase order's line items and note the line item number that requires reversing

  2. Scroll down to the section Related Shipment Receipts and find the Shipment ID that corresponds to the desired line item. Example: Shipment ID: 12345 (Item Line:2 Quantity Received:1.0)

  3. Click on the Shipment ID number to open the desired shipment receipt

Reverse the shipment receipt

  1. Find the row that corresponds to the line item you want to reverse. Do not click VOID button if reversal effective dates matter to your accounting system integration

  2. Click on the ledger transaction number (GL Tx) to verify you're about to void the correct one. The transaction text will tell you exactly which PO and Line Item number this transaction represents -- useful if you have received multiple items with the same name

  3. Note: When reversing a transaction manually, the reversal inherits the effective date of the transaction being reversed by default. This could impact accounting system integrations so check with your company's accounting team for specific instructions

  4. Click Reverse under the transaction's details

  5. Optionally, click the Use a Different Date for Reversal checkbox and select your desired effective date for the reversal

  6. Navigate back to the original purchase order. Verify the quantity received is zero


  • If you receive the message "Error voiding: This Shipment Receipt with qty of 1.0 can not be reversed due to insufficient inventory after reversal. Current quantity is 0.0", this means the inventory has already been committed to a work order. Reverse the inventory assignment first, then reverse the shipment receipt.

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