Preferred Vendors

Many ServiceTrade customers take advantage of our subcontracting feature, which allows you to easily assign jobs to other vendors to whom you subcontract work.  However, it was necessary to manually assign each subcontracted job to your preferred vendor, which made it difficult to use subcontracting at scale.

With today's release, it's now possible to assign a preferred vendor to any service.  In conjunction with ServiceTrade's service opportunities feature, which lets you batch-create jobs for your customers, this means you can now automatically create and subcontract work that you know will always be subcontracted with a minimum of administrative overhead.

To assign a preferred subcontractor to any service, simply click the 'Choose preferred vendor' link in the Preferred Technicians section to toggle between assigning preferred technicians (which you would use for services that you intend to deliver with your own company's resources) and assigning a preferred vendor (which you would use for services that you intend to always subcontract to the same vendor).

Select any vendor in the list that appears and click on its name to assign it to that service:

To remove an existing preferred vendor assignment, click the 'x' icon to delete it:

When you create new jobs using Service Opportunities, you can now choose to filter the set of jobs you are creating by preferred technician OR by preferred vendor:

When you create new jobs, you will now see an option to assign those jobs to a vendor of your choosing.  You can either choose 'Use Preferred Vendor' to assign each resulting job to the vendor of your preference based on the services' preferred vendor assignments, or you can choose a specific vendor by name to assign ALL of the jobs you are creating to that vendor (regardless of who the preferred vendor was for those services).

IMPORTANT:  By choosing 'Use Preferred Vendor' when creating jobs, you may create several jobs for the same location.  For instance, if a location has four services due this month -- two assigned to Vendor X, another assigned to Vendor Y, and yet another with no preferred vendor assignment (which means that your company will perform it), then when you create jobs for that location using Service Opportunities, three jobs will be created:  one subcontracted to Vendor X, one subcontracted to Vendor Y, and one that is not subcontracted (which you can then schedule and assign to your company's technicians).

Update Recurring Services on Jobs and Quotes

When you edit a recurring service on a job or a quote, historically the changes that you made have always been "scoped" to that specific job or quote.  For instance, if you edit the description of a monthly recurring service, then the altered description appeared only on the job you were editing; future instances of that recurring service still had the original description.  To make a change to all future instances of a service, you had to go to the location to edit it.  This was sometimes cumbersome for services on jobs, and very challenging for quoted services (which don't appear on the location page until they are approved).

With this release, it's now possible to choose whether a change that you are making to a recurring service on a job or quote should be made only to that particular instance (the default), or to all future instances as well:

IMPORTANT:  If you choose to apply your changes to all future instances, future services already added to jobs will NOT be changed.  For instance, if you have already created a job for next month's service, then editing the description of this month's service will not affect next month's job.  However, the services for all future months after that (which don't have jobs created for them yet) WILL be updated.

External IDs on Quotes and Deficiencies

This release extends the external IDs feature to two new kinds of records: quotes and deficiencies.  This capability allows you to associate ServiceTrade quotes and deficiencies with corresponding records in other systems; for instance, you might choose to track each quote as an opportunity in your sales/CRM system.

Location Attachments in Technician Mobile View

It is now possible for appropriately permissioned technicians to add attachments to location through the technician mobile view.  This supplements the existing capability for technicians to add attachments to individual assets underneath that location.

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