After determining that ServiceTrade users are not pumpkin spice enthusiasts, this webinar showed new features in ServiceTrade like:

 • Editing recurring services on quotes
 • New location page features
 • Recurring invoices
 • Service Timecard
 • New options in PartsLedger


Q:  How do  you associate the recurring invoices with the jobs for which those invoices pay?
A: Through the contract. Services and jobs are associated with the contract, as are invoices. See the discussion of this question starting at the 16:08 mark of the video. 

Q: Will the invoice appear on the Service Portal for the customer to view?
A: Service Portal does not have a dedicated area for invoices that exist separately from Jobs, but that is a great idea.

Q: How do I  send recurring invoices to my accounting system? Do I have to come in and view each one and manually send?
A: Just like you do invoices today. It varies by accounting program, but this invoice transfers in like any other.

Q: Does the labor in Service Timecard pull from clock events, travel/prep/onsite or labor items?
A: Any and/or all of the above that you choose.

Q:  Is Service Timecard included with our ServiceTrade contract or is this an additional program for purchase?
A: It is additional. Contact sales or your account manager for info about adding it to your subscription.

Q: Whats the deal with the vacation / sick time on the bottom of the timecard? I don't see that option.
A: You can configure anything to show there that you want, so if that's missing, change the settings to make it appear.

Q: Can the Technician adjust time after they have submitted the timecard?
A: Yep! They can just submit a new, corrected timecard to their manager.

Q: Can Service Timecard accrue vacation?
A: No, it's really just an ad-hoc way for techs to create a new line for vacation time taken on the CSV they submit to their manager.  The Timecard does not *save* that extra info at the moment

Q: Since the techs are already having to clock in and out of each job, are they also going to have to clock in and out of a different clock for the time clock or will it pull that info automatically?
A: Service Timecard pulls clock events directly from ServiceTrade. The tech doesn't need to do anything extra.

Q: Is it possible to play with the Service Timecard option somewhere in a Demo account or something to see if it will work for our needs?
A: We should be able to do that. Ask your sales contact or account manager to set you up with a demo.

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