**Please note: This feature is available only to Enterprise subscribers.  To upgrade your ServiceTrade subscription to Enterprise, please contact sales@servicetrade.com.**

Information regarding how to create a recurring Invoice for a Location can be found here.

The Invoice Opportunities tool is a bulk Invoice creator, and is the primary way to create Invoices from your recurring Invoices. This tool is accessed by clicking the "Invoices" tab in the Navigation Bar, and is listed under "Invoice Opportunities."

Fill in the desired information in the available filters, and click the "search" button to generate any current Invoice Opportunities. **Note: the "date range" and Office" filters are required fields.**

Select the necessary Invoice Opportunities, and then click the green "Create Invoice(s)" button to create your recurring Invoice(s).


Once I've created an Invoice from the Invoice Opportunities page, how do I find it?

  • Head to the Invoice search page, enter the desired Location in the "Location" field, and click "Search." Unlike other Invoices, a recurring Invoice will not be associated with a Job.

What does "month + 2" mean?

  • The remainder of this month, + two additional months.  For example, if it was May 15th, we would show you Invoice opportunities ranging from the remainder of this month through the end of July.

How do I see Invoice opportunities further out than month + 2?  The custom view doesn't let me do this either.

  • This is not supported at this time.  ServiceTrade is designed to bulk create Invoices when they are fairly close to coming up. 

Updated 9/24/19

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