Detailed Tech Information

ServiceTrade's user management features let you keep track of critical information about your technicians, including the office in which they work and the service lines that they can perform.

However, you may have semi-structured information about your technicians that is important when organizing their work, such as license numbers, certifications held, and other trade- or position-specific information.  That information can now be tracked and stored in ServiceTrade's new user details feature.

To use this feature, simply edit any user and enter the additional information that you wish to track in the 'User Details' field on the user profile:

The information that you entered is now visible by hovering over the technician's image in the user list...

...on the job page...

...on the map scheduler...

...and on the dispatch board:

This feature gives you easy access to the information that helps you decide which tech is the best fit for the work that you are scheduling.

If including information such as licensing and technician certificate numbers is important to share with your customers, the detailed information about all the technicians assigned to a job can be prefilled onto your job paperwork PDFs by using the new 'servicetrade_job_tech_details' fillable paperwork field.

Search and Filter the Dispatch Board Tech List

You can now search and filter the technician list on the dispatch board, so its easy to find the exact tech that you're looking for when scheduling your service work.  To filter the technician list, simply click the filter icon at the top of the schedule display in the dispatch board:

Enter the terms by which you want to filter the tech list.  You can filter by the technician's name, the names or abbreviations of any of the service lines that the technician can perform, or any words in the new tech details field described above.

For instance, to find the technicians who can perform sprinkler work and have NICET certifications, enter the search terms 'Sprinkler' (which filters the list to technicians who are assigned the Sprinkler service line) and 'NICET' (which further filters the list to technicians who have the word 'NICET' in their user details).

Service Contract Improvements

Comments on Service Contracts

It's now possible to attach comments to your service contracts with your customers.  You can use these comments to keep track of special sales notes, service delivery details, reminders for discussion points for contract renewal, and other unstructured information about your contracts.

Location Contract List Shows Best Contract Matches by Default

The location page's contract list now shows only the best-matching contracts by default.  In most cases, this means that you will see only one contract for the location.  To see all contracts that could be used at this location -- for instance, contracts with third parties -- simply click the button to show all available contracts.

Contract Display Improvements

The contract display has also been improved to make it easier for you to navigate from contracts to their associated customers and locations:

...and from jobs to their associated contracts:

API Improvements

This release includes the following API improvements:

  • The job item endpoint now returns the orderIndex (the sorting key for displaying a list of job items) when retrieving a list of job items.
  • Webhook notifications are now sent for changes to individual job items.  IMPORTANT:  When a job item is added, changed, or deleted, your webhook listeners will receive not only a notification about that job item, but also a changed notification about the job item's job.  

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