• PartsLedger warehouse item update error: StatusCodeError: 422 - {"errors":{"part":["Part was not found"]}} 
  • Comments or emails about a part not found, but the part number exists in ServiceTrade and PartsLedger


  • Add the part to PartsLedger if the part number does not exist
  • If the part exists in PartsLedger as a non-inventoried item, do not include the warehouse source when adding this item to a ServiceTrade job

Diagnostic Steps

  • Open PartsLedger (office) and navigate to Products ➔ List Products
  • Search for the part number (item code)
  • If the search shows no results, add the part to PartsLedger
  • If the search shows a result, but the category is "Non-Inventoried Purchased Products", this item cannot be inventoried and cannot be pulled from a warehouse
  • If the part exists as an inventoried item, call support to troubleshoot this further
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