Quote templates can reduce repetitive work, increase efficiency, and assure accuracy when sending commonly used quotes. This article covers the creation, maintenance, and use of Quote templates.

1. To manage Quote Templates, head to Quotes -> Quote templates.  

Once in the Quote template admin screen, you may perform a couple of actions:

1. Create a new template.

2. Click a template name and view or edit the template.

3. Click "Create a Quote template" or click on an existing Quote template to be taken to the Quote template details screen. This screen is nearly identical to creating a one-time Quote. Fill out as much as you can about this Quote that will be relevant in many to most situations. You may also add Items to a Quote template to assure that certain Items, such as a fees, parts, labor, etc. get added to any Job that uses the created template.

4. To use a Quote template, visit a Location page and click “Add a Quote”. Select the Job type from the new field, choosing a Service Contract and/or expiration date if applicable. Click create Quote, and on the new screen you will see the option to “Apply Quote Template” in the Action Menu on the right-hand side.

5. From the new pop-up menu, select the desired Quote template. The template will then populate this data into the new Quote. 

Updated 10/10/19

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