• PartsLedger

  • An open ServiceTrade job with received parts from a purchase order


Open the work order in PartsLedger

  • Copy the ServiceTrade job number

  • Open PartsLedger and navigate to Projects → Work Orders

  • Paste the ServiceTrade job number into the Search bar and hit Enter

  • Open the work order by clicking View on the right side of the search result

Reverse the inventory assignment

  • Scroll down to the section of the work order titled Materials Used To Date. This table represents all the committed parts on the job, including the journal entry transaction number, GL Tx, for this commitment

  • Note: When reversing a transaction manually, the reversal inherits the effective date of the transaction being reversed by default. This could impact accounting system integrations so check with your company's accounting team for specific instructions

  • If you do not need to modify the reversal transaction's effective date, click the Reverse link on the right side of the desired part's row. The inventory commitment is now reversed and all of the parts are now back in inventory. You can skip to the next section

  • If you do need to modify the reversal transaction's effective date, click the GL Tx number on the right side of the table for the part in question

  • Click the Reverse button to void the inventory assignment and put the parts back into inventory

What next?

  • If you need to edit the purchase order details, or use only some of the PO part's quantity on Job, follow this guide to reverse the shipment receipt first

  • If you need to split the destination of a single line item on a PO (some on the job and the rest in inventory or back to the supplier), we recommend splitting the line item into multiple lines -- one for each destination -- and then re-receiving them to those destinations. The original PO line item is linked to ServiceTrade and will update for you automatically, so use it to direct parts to the ServiceTrade job and create another line (or lines) for the remaining quantity going to inventory


The Accounting Transaction Details page contains a lot of information that you can use to verify you're looking at the correct entry:

  • Check the transaction description to confirm this is an inventory assignment for the job you're interested in.

  • Check the line item description to verify the part number, quantity, and cost

  • Check the credit and debit accounts to verify costs are moving between your inventory account and your WIP account

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