Track Customer Purchase Orders on Contracts

Many ServiceTrade customers work with end-customers who provide them with blanket purchase orders that apply to all services in a given time period (typically for a year).  With ServiceTrade's new contract purchase order capability, it's now possible to store that customer purchase order on a customer-specific contract:

Any jobs or quotes created with this contract will now automatically be assigned this customer purchase order number:

IMPORTANT: Purchase order tracking is available on customer company contracts ONLY.  Purchase order numbers cannot be tracked on default and template contracts.

View Invoice Details for Contracts

You can now review the revenue history for any contract.  To view invoices created under a contract, open the Invoices section of that contract.  For contracts that have many invoices, you can use the page links at the top and bottom of the invoice list to move between pages.

Webhook Management Interface

Previously, you could only create and manage webhooks in your ServiceTrade account by using ServiceTrade's API.  With today's release, there is now a management user interface for creating, enabling, and deleting webhooks.

To manage webhooks in your account, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and choose 'Account Settings', then open the 'Webhooks' section to view your current list of webhooks:

To create a new webhook for your account, click the 'Add Webhook' button, then enter your webhook listener URL:

To learn more about webhooks, please review ServiceTrade's API documentation.

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