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Create the Warehouse in PartsLedger

  1. Navigate to Products → Setup → Facilities
  2. Enter the required data under the New Facility section
  3. Code is the short (typically 3 to 7 character) ID for the warehouse or truck number
  4. Name is longer, usually a physical location or truck description
  5. Facility Type is either Warehouse or Truck
  6. Shipping Address for trucks typically matches their home warehouse location. Select the appropriate home warehouse from the Shipping Address drop-down menu if applicable, otherwise fill in the New Shipping Address fields 
  7. Click Create Facility
  8. Verify the new warehouse or truck appears in the list of Facilities at the top of the page
  9. Click on the orange pencil icon next to the new warehouse to open the Edit Facility page for that warehouse
  10. Click on your web browser's address bar to see the entire URL for this page
  11. Write down the numerical ID in the URL, for example, if the URL is, then the ID is 1234. This ID becomes the External ID that ServiceTrade will uses to link the PartsLedger warehouse to the warehouse you'll create in ServiceTrade next.

Create the Warehouse in ServiceTrade

  1. Navigate to My Account → Items
  2. Click on the Items drop-down located within the top-left corner of the dark window boarder surrounding the items list
  3. Click the Warehouses button, then click Create Warehouse
  4. Enter the Name of the new warehouse. By convention, we recommend "Long Name (Code)", using the same Code and Name text that you added in PartsLedger
  5. Select the Office this warehouse belongs to
  6. Click Save
  7. Click on the warehouse name to edit it
  8. Click on the blue Link icon and type in PartsLedger's External ID into the PartsLedger field
  9. Click Save one last time


  • Warehouse names do not have to match between ServiceTrade and PartsLedger since the applications use the External ID for linking
  • Try to keep the truck names descriptive of the vehicle and not the driver, since the driver may change. The Shipping Address information in PartsLedger is a great place to store the driver's contact information, especially if supplies are mailed to the truck directly
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