Service Request API improvements

The service request endpoint now includes two new fields in the service request object: originalWindowStart and originalWindowEnd.  This allows API consumers to keep track of cases where a service's due date may have been changed -- for instance, if a service was originally due in April but the job on which that service was eventually performed was moved to the month of May.

IMPORTANT: These new fields are available for service requests associated with recurring services ONLY.  One-time services will always have null originalWindowStart and originalWindowEnd values.

For more information, see the service request API documentation.

Bugfixes and Performance Improvements

  • Bugfix: order of items on a service template wasn't always saved correctly
  • Bugfix: external invoices aren't affected by contract rules
  • Bugfix: job item editing for ad-hoc items sometimes failed
  • Performance improvements for recurring invoice contract selector dropdown
  • Performance improvements for job, appointment, and deficiency APIs
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