There are often moments where your field techs will be on-site and not have a reliable signal to complete Jobs. When this occurs, they will be limited in what they can complete within the application. Information that has been accessed prior to connection loss will be viewable by technicians that are not actively connected to the internet. This article will present a brief overview of how technicians may continue to operate without that connection.

Note: A connection to the internet is required for initial access to ServiceTrade. If a technician is not logged into the application when the connection is lost, access to the application will not be possible.

Upon selecting an Appointment, your technician will see the tiles that make up the Job screen. Each and every individual tile is able to be opened and used. The information that the tech sees on this screen is loaded, along with the full appointment list upon launching the application. When a tech uploads new information, files, photos, etc. to the application, they will see a circle on the tile where the information was added. This circle indicates that this tile will be updated when service has returned to the device.

When the connection has been reestablished, that information will upload to ServiceTrade automatically. 

Important: Your technician may see differing information when accessing the application tiles. If connection is lost while the tech is viewing the attachment page, for example, then they will be able to see all applicable attachments. However, any tiles that were not accessed prior to losing connection will not display the relevant information.

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