The ability to track revenue on a per-Contract basis is a powerful feature within ServiceTrade. In this article we will discuss how to utilize ServiceTrade Company Contracts to review revenue at-a-glance.

Note: This feature is not available on Default contracts. If you wish to track Contract Revenue, you will need to create a Company Contract within your ServiceTrade account. For more information, reference the Creating Contracts article here.

To view revenue collected on a specific Company Contract, open the Service Contracts menu (Customers > Service Contracts) and click the name of the contract you wish to view. The edit contract screen will display all of the revenue collected on an Invoice to date, along with the expected revenue (if specified in the Contract Details).

Using Company Contracts in conjunction with the Contract Salesperson field will allow ServiceTrade users to more easily and quickly track the revenue generated by their individual Salespeople, providing a method for calculating commissions.

The expected revenue field within the Contract Details also allows the user to track how close they are to their expected or goal revenue. This field is not an expected revenue per invoice designation, but an estimate of how much revenue will be collected across the life of the contract.

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