The video below will show you how to create multiple Appointments for a Job through the use of ServiceTrade's recently updated Job Page. From a created Job with an unscheduled appointment, follow the steps outlined below.

In addition to creating multiple copies of the same Service, this new feature also allows users to create multiple-day Appointments for different Services on the same Job. 

To schedule multiple blank appointments, Click the "Add New Appointment or Service" and select the desired dates from the calendar. Clicking "Save" after the dates have been selected will prompt a pop-up asking you to verify that you wish to create blank appointments.

Clicking "OK" will add these Appointments to the Job.

You are now able to add Services to these appointments as you have previously. These appointments are different than the ones created in our example video above, however. Appointments created from a single service are copies of that original service, this means that marking one instance of the service as complete, will mark all instances complete. 

Creating multiple blank appointments allows for Job creators to account for multiple-day Jobs that cover a variety of tasks. For example, if your company handles waste disposal, you might schedule one Appointment for delivery of a receptacle, another appointment for Pickup, and another one for drop off at a disposal facility. Each of these are distinct activities within the Job, and this new feature will make scheduling these much easier.

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