New features

  1.  Inventory Position dashboard widget: Want to see how many parts you have in each of your warehouses at a glance? Want to quickly see which parts are in a specific warehouse? Add the new Inventory Position widget to your Dashboard. Click on the Customize button and select the Inventory Position widget (and deselect the others while you're here) to add it to your home screen. You can click on any of the warehouse codes to generate a report of that warehouse's inventory quantities and values, which is useful for exporting data to Excel or CSV.
  2. Advanced tracking for purchase order items created using PartsLedger: Want your ServiceTrade users to know when all your purchase order items have been received in PartsLedger? Enable this feature and PartsLedger will post purchase order items to ServiceTrade using the "Parts Vendor" source type. This source type displays the purchase order's supplier and the order's status (Ordered Not Received, Received) for each line item. Ask us to enable this feature for you.
  3. Purchase Order Creation Comments: Want to know which technician created a PO? PartsLedger can now post a comment to the ServiceTrade job when a technician creates a purchase order using the mobile app. Ask us to enable this feature for you.
  4. Add new part numbers in one place: Now you can create a new inventoried part in PartsLedger and have the part automatically added to ServiceTrade. Ask us to enable this feature for you.
  5. New notification options for PartsLedger errors: Now you can choose a designated contact, such as a warehouse manager, to receive emails if a technician attempts to pull more parts than what PartsLedger has in stock. This is helpful to see and correct inventory adjustments in real time instead of waiting for periodic cycle counts. You can also continue to get this information from job comments. Additionally, you can add a customizable tag to the ServiceTrade job so that administrators can find and address affected jobs easily. Ask us to enable this feature for you.

Fixes and improvements:

  1. Parts in ServiceTrade can now match to their counterparts in PartsLedger using external IDs. This improves reconciliation of job items and eliminates an issue where job items created and received within PartsLedger post to ServiceTrade as ad hoc items instead of posting with the item code.
  2. Fixed an issue where PartsLedger missed creating work orders if a large number of ServiceTrade jobs were created simultaneously.
  3. Fixed an issue where PO items received onto a job would not always post to ServiceTrade, or would post twice.
  4. Fixed an issue where adding a job item in ServiceTrade would not always post to PartsLedger.
  5. Purchase Order line items that have any quantity received are now locked down to prevent editing. This prevents the user from editing purchase order details that contradict the ledger entries from the shipment receipt (and possible accounting system transactions). To edit a PO item, void the shipment receipt to return the items back to the PO, make the desired changes, and re-receive the items.
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