The new Inventory Position dashboard widget in PartsLedger is designed to provide, at a glance, the Part Number and Description for each visible item, as well as quantity on hand for that inventory item in each of your company’s warehouses.  The widget can also give you more detailed inventory reporting at your fingertips with just a single click.


  • Active PartsLedger Account
  • User Admin permissions


  1. Click the orange gearbox icon labeled Customize directly below the blue menu bar, to the right of your screen to open the widget selection area. This is where you’ll select which widgets you’d like to display on your dashboard. You may wish to de-select the currently selected, unused widgets to remove them from your dashboard. 
  2. Click the checkbox labeled Inventory Position.
  3. Click on the Customize icon once more to minimize the widget selection area and see your dashboard.  You should see a box labeled Inventory Position at the bottom of your dashboard.
  4. Move your cursor over the Inventory Position widget.  You’ll notice three icons will appear in the corners of the widget box.  Click on the arrows in the bottom left corner to resize the widget.  Clicking on the X in the top right corner of the widget will remove the widget from your dashboard.
  5. Click on the orange gear box in the top left corner of the widget to see your customization options for this widget. You have the option to only show serialized items in the widget, as well as the ability to choose how many inventory items will be visible in the widget.
  6. Click on any of the warehouse abbreviations visible in the Quantity on Hand section of the widget.  This will take you to directly to the Inventoried Products/Parts Listing report where you can see detailed information about that warehouse’s current inventory.


  • To see information about any of your other warehouses while viewing the Inventoried Products/Parts Listing report, you can either navigate back to the dashboard and select that warehouse from the Inventory Position widget, or simply filter by that warehouse from the Inventoried Products/Parts Listing report. 
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