• PartsLedger

  • A part number for miscellaneous job expenses (this guide assumes MTL, but substitute your own part number if you use something different)


Verify MTL Inventory is Zero

  1. In PartsLedger, navigate to Products ➔ List Inventoried Products (Parts)

  2. Search for the job expenses part number MTL

  3. Verify the quantity in the On Hand column is zero for all listed warehouses

Determine Any Existing Inventory's Source

  1. If a quantity exists at any warehouse, click on the number on hand to view the FIFO Levels at that warehouse

  2. For each FIFO Level, note the purchase order number and line item number from the Source column (example: PO: 579, Line 1)

Redirect the material back to the intended ServiceTrade job

  1. Open the purchase order and reverse the shipment receipt to put the MTL back onto the purchase order

  2. Click Edit to edit the purchase order, and then click the orange pencil icon next to the MTL line item

  3. Select the desired ServiceTrade job number by using the Link to Work Order field. If the job is not in the list, make sure the work order in PartsLedger is open

  4. Receive the purchase order items. With the work order link in place, the MTL will pass through inventory and land on the open job, post to ServiceTrade, and contribute to job costs


  • MTL inventory levels should always be zero, since by definition, these materials are purchased for a job and expensed either to that job or immediately to COGS. Any quantity held in inventory should be corrected.

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