Better Handling of Deficiency Fixes

ServiceTrade provides a rich featureset for tracking the status of a deficiency, from discovery to quote to repair.  However, when you review the history of a deficiency, in the past it wasn't possible to see the details of the job on which a deficiency was fixed.

With today's release, ServiceTrade's deficiency history now includes not only information about when a deficiency was repaired, but also a link to the job on which it was fixed. 

In addition, the deficiencies section of the job page now shows both deficiencies identified on this job, and deficiencies repaired on this job.  Previously, only deficiencies identified on this job were shown.

Additional Job Item Search Options

This release adds two additional job item search options:  job location and job customer.

With these additional search options in place, you can now create job item searches that identify items used on behalf of a particular customer or location.  For instance, you can report on the total count and quantity of technician labor job items used at a particular location, or on the total amount of refrigerant added to locations belonging to a particular customer in a given timeframe.

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