First, make sure you have connected the device to your ServiceForms/Device Magic. Next, you’ll need to assign the user’s Device Magic Device ID to their External Systems ID list in ServiceTrade. This article will walk you through those steps.   

Once the device is approved, select "Devices" from the left menu to see the list of devices connected to your account. 

Select the name of the user whose device you want to connect with ServiceTrade. 

From the individual device page, copy the "Identifier" (Device ID) associated with the device. This will be pasted into the user’s External Systems section in ServiceTrade. 

Now, open the ServiceTrade web application. Select 1) "My Account", then 2) "Users".

Find the user in your ServiceTrade account. Select their name to edit their profile. 

From the user profile, select the blue External Systems link (#1) for the user. Select either the Pencil Icon (#2), or the "Add an external ID" link (#3) to add the Device Magic Device ID to their profile. 

Paste the Device ID in the box next to "Device Magic".  Select the green "Save" button. 

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