You can send quotes and Service Links in bulk via email to your customers from the quote and appointment lists.  However, previously you had no control over which specific contacts received those emails:  all contacts associated with the quote/job's location and customer received the email notification.

With this release, it is now possible to send quotes and Service Links only to specific types of contacts.  When sending from the list, you can choose 'All Location and Company Contacts' (which gives you the old behavior of sending to all contacts):

...or you can choose any specific contact type:

...or if you use custom contact types, you can choose 'Other' and then type the name of the contact type that you wish to use:

If you choose (or enter) any specific contact type, then your message will be sent only to contacts with the type that you selected.

IMPORTANT:  This feature is enabled only for paid ServiceTrade accounts.  For questions about enabling this feature, please contact ServiceTrade support at

When sending quotes and Service Links to your customers, you can now add a contact to the job/quote location either by adding an entirely new contact, or by selecting an existing contact that is not yet associated with this location.  

Selecting an existing contact will automatically associate it with this job/quote's location.

More Flexible Estimated Durations for Services

Previously there were some restrictions on entering estimated durations for services:  you could only enter estimated durations in quarter-hour increments, and there was a maximum duration limit. With this release, those restrictions have been removed:  you can now enter any estimated duration (to the tenth or even the hundredth of an hour), and there is no longer a maximum estimated duration limit.

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