Search Invoice List for Recurring Invoices

It is now possible to search ServiceTrade's invoice list for invoices that were generated from recurring invoices, using the new 'Recurring Invoices' search option:

When 'Only Recurring Invoices' is selected, only invoices that have at least one item from a recurring invoice will be returned.  When 'Only Non-Recurring Invoices' is selected, only invoices that have no items from a recurring invoice will be returned.  'All Invoices' will return all invoices, regardless of whether they contain any items from recurring invoices.

IMPORTANT:  The recurring invoices feature is available only to Enterprise subscribers.  To upgrade your ServiceTrade subscription to Enterprise, please contact

Contract Selection Improvements

This release also includes improvements to the contract selection dropdown menus that appear when you create or manage jobs, quotes, services, and other records in ServiceTrade. 

All contract selection menus now include both the customer-specific contracts that apply to the transaction that you are managing, in descending order of precedence (that is, the most specific contracts appear higher in the list), followed by any default (non-customer-specific) contracts that might apply to this transaction:

This release also improves the consistency of the contract selections that are shown in the various contract menu selections shown throughout the application, and bugfixes to the contract selections for subcontracted jobs and to transactions where location-filter-based contracts might apply.

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