With the global pandemic of COVID-19, a lot has changed. City and state orders to close non-essential businesses and operate under "shelter-in-place" ordinances mean that some scheduled and planned work, both recurring and one-time, need to be canceled or delayed. It also means many of us are working from home, without access to our co-workers sitting near us, working in unison to tackle a large project.

The good news is that ServiceTrade can make this process less painful and keep you more organized and effective while tending to these services and jobs.

Below we discuss several methods for managing delays within your ServiceTrade account.


For locations where your company is currently unable to perform work, tags can be used to identify them quickly and signal to others in your organization that this is the case. From the Company, Location or Job page, you are able to add a tag that is readily searchable at any time.

To add a tag, simply click “edit tags” and within the text field, type the word or phrase you would like to use to identify this customer as one that whose services are on hold: "COVID-19", “Shutdown”, “On Hold”, etc. At a later date, you can then find all locations, jobs or companies with this tag using the tag search field on the respective search page.

Using Service Opportunities

In cases of needing to bulk delay or cancel a large number of appointments, turning to Service Opportunities will be the primary way this is accomplished. From the Jobs > Service Opportunities menu, select the month that you wish to view (This Month, Next Month, Month +2). 

From here, you will then be able to select all of the visible appointments by clicking the checkbox (labeled 1 in the screenshot below). From this point, you will then be able to Delay appointments (2) or cancel all selected Services (3).

Delaying services would be beneficial when the next service recurrence falls outside of the expected shutdown time frame (an annual service, for example). For weekly or monthly services, you may wish to cancel these recurrences, so that they do not build up as overdue within your account.

Additional Services

Should you have more specific requests, not outlined within the scope of this article, feel free to reach out to the ServiceTrade Support team via support@servicetrade.com. Our professional services are available to bulk manipulate data for you and your team.

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