Automatic Contract Selection on Quote Creation

As a followup to our recent update to improve the contract selections when creating quotes, jobs, and invoices, ServiceTrade will now automatically select the best contract for you when you create a quote.  

This change applies to quotes created from the location page:

And also from the deficiency page:

If you do not wish to apply any contract to a quote when you are creating it, simply click the x on the right side of the contract selection dropdown to clear the preselected contract assignment:

Please note that you MUST select a contract for each quote before you add any items to the quote, because a contract is required in order for quote item prices to be applied correctly.

Job Item List Improvements

The job item list is now searchable by job type:

This enables you to search for job items that you used (or intend to use) only on certain kinds of jobs. 

The job item and job clock event lists now show more detail about the job, including the job type, in the search display results:

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