Account Preference for Location Taxability

In ServiceTrade, you can indicate whether each individual customer location should be charged sales tax. However, by default, all newly added locations were not taxable, which meant that you had to take an extra action to flag a location as taxable -- even if you work in a jurisdiction where sales tax is always charged.

With today's release, you can now use an account setting to specify whether newly added locations should be taxable by default. To assign this setting, click your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen, then click Account Settings. On the Account Settings page, open the 'Account Preferences' section to access the new location taxability setting:

If you choose 'Taxable', all newly created locations will be taxable by default -- though you can always change the tax status of any individual location. If you choose 'Not taxable', then newly created locations will not be taxable by default.

IMPORTANT: This setting can be managed only by users who have been granted the Admin Account activity.

Handle Recurring Invoices when Deactivating a Service Contract

Recently, ServiceTrade added the capability to cancel jobs, quotes, and services related to a service contract when that contract is deactivated. With today's release, that capability has been extended to recurring invoices as well.

When deactivating a service contract, you can now choose whether to leave the recurring invoices associated with that contract active (which means they will continue to generate new invoices via Invoice Opportunities) or to cancel them (which means they will no longer generate new invoices).

IMPORTANT: The recurring invoices feature is available only to Enterprise subscribers. To upgrade your ServiceTrade subscription to Enterprise, please contact

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