Asset List Export

Recently we released a searchable/filterable list of all the assets that you service for all your customers. It is now possible to export that list to CSV, as you can do with many other lists in ServiceTrade.

To view the Asset list in ServiceTrade, go to 'Customers' in the menu at the top of the screen, then select 'Assets'.

Perform a search to find a list of assets that you are interested in, then export that list by clicking on Export to Spreadsheet in the upper right corner of the list.

There are two export options: 'Export Assets', which will export all assets returned by your search, regardless of type, but which will return a limited amount of detail about each asset (ID, name, type, and associated location information); and 'Export Assets with Details', which requires you to select a specific asset type, but which then returns more specific information about each asset.

'Export Assets' is more useful if you want to produce a list of all assets being serviced for a specific location and/or customer. 'Export Assets with Details' is recommended if you need to investigate a list of assets based on specific attributes of that type of asset; for instance, to explore a list of all kitchen fire suppression systems by the type of cooking appliances they cover, or to search HVAC units by manufacturer and model.

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