This webinar recording from June 2020 will show you how to set up assets and connect related assets inside of ServiceTrade. Also see how to set up fillable forms and make digital paperwork easy for technicians to find and fill in on their mobile device.

Q&A From the Live Webinar

Is there a way to delete the building asset, if other assets have been created?

No, that asset cannot be deleted.

Can you filter the asset fields so your tech only sees the fields you want data added to?

Yes, we can help you add an asset overlay that will give you some control here. Talk to your account manager or support.

Can we add a custom drop down for location choices so all techs use the same terminology for location - i.e. floor choice, north/south/east/west, etc

Yes, the same asset overlay mentioned in the previous question will give you options for this. Talk to your account manager or support.

What am I supposed to do when I have a group made for multiple wet sprinklers, for example and I have to connect control valves to them. Would I leave the wet sprinklers out of a parent group and just use each system as a parent to the valves, or is there a way to tie them to a group and connect them to the valves?

There is no way to set up a 3rd degree of asset relationships, so you’re correct to make the valves children of the system.

Not a question, but a comment. Service Trade can customize the asset list to only show your technicians a list of assets that relate to your business or assets that your company has chosen to use. This was a huge help when we realized it was an option.

Thank you for this comment. This is another advantage of the asset overlay mentioned above.

Is there anyway that the job number, location or name could be used instead of the random string of letters and numbers when a fillable paperwork document is created?

This is controlled by the application that renders the PDF for you. Check with that application and see if it offers you a chance to change the file names before you send the filled-out form back to ServiceTrade.

That uploaded paperwork looked like it was still editable. Is the customer able to edit those attachments?

You’ll want to flatten the PDF before attaching it to a Service Link so the customer cannot edit it. Great question.

When does the information populate in the report if you use the fillable paperwork fields? Does it populate when the tech opens the blank paperwork on their device or after they upload it? I didn't see it populate on the example that was done.

We shortcut that step during the live demo - good eye! In reality, the data will be present when the technician opens the form.

Setting up PDF paperwork looks like it could be difficult. Can ServiceTrade help me with that?

Sure, we can do that work for you - it falls within the scope of our billable services. Talk to support about the scope of your forms to get a quote.

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