Many ServiceTrade users take advantage of the ability to add custom message content when sending quotes to their customers for review.  We have now added that same custom message capability to Service Links.

To add a custom message to a Service Link, simply click 'Send Service Link' from the job page:

Then click the 'Send Service Link' tab at the top of the page:

Now, in addition to selecting the contacts to whom you want to send the Service Link, you can add change the subject line and a custom message to the Service Link notification email:

This message will appear in the body of the email that your customer receives:

Stylized Job Descriptions

If you use ServiceTrade's quote description editor to create quote descriptions with header text, boldface/italics, and other stylized text, you may have noticed that these styles don't carry through to the job description, and instead you (and your customers) see Markdown symbols such as asterisks and pound symbols.  The stylized text is now displayed properly in all parts of ServiceTrade that your customers can see, including Service Links, work acknowledgement and preauthorization, job paperwork, and service reviews.

In a future release, ServiceTrade will also support adding stylized text directly to job descriptions through the job page and dispatch board.

External IDs for Assets

It is now possible to add external IDs to individual asset records.  You can use external IDs to connect assets in ServiceTrade with related records about those same assets in other systems (such as your CRM or accounting systems). As with other records, you can add and edit external IDs on an asset by clicking the blue link button next to the asset's name:

In a future release, ServiceTrade will support including external IDs when importing and exporting assets.

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