Invoice Terms and Conditions

ServiceTrade users have long been able to assign terms and conditions to their jobs and quotes. With today's release, that capability has been extended to invoices.

To assign terms and conditions to an invoice, simply edit that invoice and select the T&Cs that you wish to use in the 'Terms and Conditions' dropdown.

Whenever an invoice is created with a contract which has assigned terms and conditions, those T&Cs will automatically be assigned to the invoice.

You can also assign an account default set of terms and conditions that will be used whenever the contract used to create an invoice does not have terms and conditions specified. To set the account default terms and conditions, click your user avatar in the top right corner of the page and choose 'Account Settings'. In the 'Default Terms and Conditions' section, choose the T&Cs that you wish to use for your invoices in the 'Default Invoice Terms and Conditions' dropdown.

To learn more about using terms and conditions in ServiceTrade, please see this support article.

Invoice Service Line Search Improvements

With today's release, the invoice list search's 'service line' parameter has been improved. It now will search for the service lines on all the line items on each invoice. For instance, if you search for the service line 'HVAC', then all invoices that have at least one line item whose service line is 'HVAC' will be found.

Previously, searching the invoice list by service line used the invoice's associated job's service line assignments. With this improvement, it's now possible to search by service line for invoices that are not directly associated with a job (for instance, recurring invoices).

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