This reference covers which kinds of data techs can / cannot see in the field.
Some kinds of data are visible in the mobile app.  Others require the Tablet View.

The following are visible to technicians:

  • All jobs assigned to the tech, regardless of due date.
  • Other jobs nearby (you may remove this permission if undesired)
  • Location address and contacts
  • Location and asset history, if given that capability via a role.
  • Assets (related to this job, or all location assets)
  • Deficiencies (for this job, or all historical deficiencies at this location
  • Attachments (files uploaded to the current job)
  • Items (can search for items and see their cost)  Cost = what you pay for an item, if applicable, not what your customer pays.
  • Company, location or job comments (only if marked as
    "tech" comment)
  • Item pricing (if and only if "Account Field Invoicer" is enabled)

The following are not visible to technicians:

  • Company (bill-to) info
  • Company or location attachments
  • Comments not marked as "tech comment" 
  • Tags
  • Clock events
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