What you'll need

  • Active PartsLedger account
  • Active ServiceTrade account
  • Access to PartsLedger Mobile App


  1. Make sure the Job is not completed in ServiceTrade. A completed Job will not be available in the Work Order drop down in PartsLedger.
  2. Navigate to the PartsLedger mobile app (app.partsledger.io)
  3. Log in with your ServiceTrade credentials
  4. Create a new Purchase Order against the Job you are trying to sync to PartsLedger (note the PO# of the Mobile App PO. You may desire to delete it later). For more information on this process check out this video. At 7:13 in the video there is an overview of the PO creation process in the mobile app.
  5. Add any item to the mobile app PO and finalize the PO.

During the process of finalizing the PO, the mobile app will create a Work Order in PartsLedger corresponding to the ServiceTrade Job. You should now be able to find this Work Order in the drop down menu of the New PO in the PartsLedger Office App.

(If necessary) To delete the PO that was created in the Mobile App:

  • Navigate in the Office App to Orders > Purchase Orders > List and search for the PO # of the Mobile App PO.
  • Once found, find the View button associated with that PO and click the down arrow next to it.
  • Click Delete.
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