Invoice Office Assignments

With today's release, it is now possible to assign an invoice to the office from which it is being sent. This allows you a greater measure of control in defining which searches will find a particular invoice, which brand is displayed on customer-facing invoice print and PDF views, and so forth.

By default, each newly created invoice will get assigned to the office associated with the job for which the invoice was created.

To change an invoice's office assignment, simply edit the invoice and select the desired office from the 'Office' dropdown:

You can now search the invoice list for either invoices assigned to a particular office by using the 'Office' search:

...or you can search that list for invoices at locations which belong to a particular office by using the 'Location Office' search:

User Default Warehouses

This release also includes the ability to assign a default warehouse to each user. This feature makes it easier for office users and technicians to use warehouses in ServiceTrade by automatically suggesting their default office when they select a source for a job item.

To assign a default warehouse to a user, simply edit that user's profile and select the desired warehouse in the 'Default Warehouse' dropdown:

Now, when that user enters a job item and chooses the source type of 'Warehouse', their default warehouse will be automatically selected, both in the office job view...

...and in the technician mobile tablet application view:

This capability will also be added to the ServiceTrade technician mobile applications in a future release.

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