New Features

Purchase Order Changes and Improvements

  • New purchase order items created in the Office app now post to ServiceTrade as "Ordered but not Received" automatically, and include the Vendor (if a match exists) and the PO number. The corresponding ServiceTrade job items synchronize one last time upon PO item receipt. This brings the Office app in parity with the Mobile app for new PO items. This feature is rolling out to customers now.
  • When a technician creates a purchase order from the Mobile app, their name and ServiceTrade job number posts to the Office purchase order's Message field. Example: Created by Johnny McTech for ServiceTrade Job # 18978038. This feature is enabled now.
  • PO Description in the Mobile app is renamed to PO Message to match the Office. Any text entered in this field by the technician posts to the Office purchase order's Message field, in addition to their name and job number. Example: Created by Johnny McTech for ServiceTrade Job # 18978038 with description: "Extra parts needed after deficiency found". This feature is enabled now.

Improvements to MTL/Material Workflows

  • MTL ordered in PartsLedger can now post to ServiceTrade using the "MTL" Item Code and custom description, instead of an ad-hoc item without an item code. This allows users to categorize MTL as "Part" or "Material" in ServiceTrade instead of a generic "Other". New accounts are configured this way by default. Existing customers need ServiceTrade support to enable this.
  • PartsLedger now supports service-line-specific MTL part numbers so that unique item codes are used depending on which service line is selected. Contact ServiceTrade support for configuration.
  • Users can now write custom descriptions in the PO line item's Description field instead of Note A. If Description is left blank, Note A is used as a fallback. If both Description and Note A are blank, MTL's part description (usually "General Work Order Material") is used as a last resort. This feature is enabled now.
  • PartsLedger requires a work order (job) number when adding certain parts to a purchase order. This helps prevent users from accidentally receiving job materials into inventory. A work order is mandatory when ordering MTL by default. Contact ServiceTrade support to include additional parts beyond MTL.

Automatic Unit Conversions

  • PartsLedger supports ordering from a supplier in one unit (i.e. DOZ, PKG100, etc) and automatically converts to a stocking unit (typically EA). This allows you to order a single quantity "bulk box" from a supplier, and receive the box as twenty "eaches" into inventory. Contact ServiceTrade support for configuration.
  • PartsLedger supports multiple supplier part number aliases for a single part purchased from a specific supplier. This allows you to link break points and pricing policies PER UNIT to unique supplier part numbers for a huge variety of scenarios. Contact ServiceTrade support for configuration.

Other Improvements

This release also includes numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, and lays the groundwork for upcoming features.

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