Using our new subassets feature, it is now possible to make an asset a "child" of another asset -- that is, to indicate that it's a component of, or dependent on, another asset.

Some example uses for this feature are:  to link alarm devices to the alarm system or alarm panel to which they're connected, or to associate components of a large piece of equipment such as a generator or an HVAC unit.

To use the subassets feature, simply edit any asset and choose the asset's parent asset in the "Parent Asset" dropdown:

All assets that can be parents of the asset you select will be shown -- for instance, if you are editing an alarm device, then all alarm systems at this location will be available for selection.

You can see the list of subassets associated with any asset by viewing the parent asset and opening the new "Subassets" section.

Technicians who have access to view asset information can also view any asset's subassets through the tablet web application.

For more information about how to convert your existing assets into subassets by assigning them parents, or to modify your fillable blank paperwork PDFs to make use of subassets, please contact ServiceTrade support.

Asset Editing Improvements

We've rolled out some improvements to the asset edit capability on the location page.  You'll now be able to use the new asset editing interface on the location page.

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