Invoice Due Dates and Payment Terms

Many ServiceTrade customers choose to deliver invoices to their end-customers through ServiceTrade, rather than through their AR or core accounting system, because they enjoy ServiceTrade's ease of use, invoicing email capabilities, and customizable invoice line item detail levels.

To make managing invoice collections easier, with today's release, you can track the payment terms that you have offered to your customers, and show those terms -- and, therefore, the due date -- on any invoice that you create in ServiceTrade.

To assign payment terms and a due date to any invoice, simply edit that invoice:

You can then search the invoice list by due date:

To learn more about how to manage payment terms in your ServiceTrade account, and to use service contracts to track the agreed-upon terms with your individual customers, please see this support article on payment terms and due dates.

New Invoice Page Available for Beta Testing

Today, we're delighted to announce that a major upgrade to the ServiceTrade invoice page is available for beta testing. This upgrade makes the look and feel of the invoice page consistent with most other transaction pages in ServiceTrade (job page, quote page, etc). The upgraded page also has better performance and is easier to use.

Here are some of the the many improvements to the invoice page:

  • Single-page editing and sending of the invoice, with no page refreshes

  • Easy invoice status changes, including the ability to move an invoice into and out of the 'Needs Review' status (a highly requested feature)

  • High visibility into the "headline" information about the invoice, including its total revenue value, the associated job cost and margin, and whether payment is overdue.

Check it out by clicking on the 'Use the new invoice view' link on the invoice page:

Like many of our other pages, the new invoice page now includes easy access to other important information such as the associated job, contract, customer, and location at the very top of the page... well as quick access to important financial values such as revenue, cost, and margin in the upper right Invoice Status section:

It also includes hints when hovering over every editable section:

Clicking on a section immediately opens it in edit mode; note that the header section includes a status editor, with a list of all statuses that are "reachable" from the invoice's current status:

The new invoice page is available for opt-in beta testing by all ServiceTrade customers. Please send us your comments and feedback to or through the chat widget at the bottom right of the invoice page!

Sage Intacct Integration Supports Invoice Offices

Recently, ServiceTrade added the ability to assign an office to each invoice. With today's release, ServiceTrade's Sage Intacct integration supports invoice office assignment as a 'Location' dimension mapping option.

To use this new feature, edit your Sage Intacct integration settings and choose the new 'ServiceTrade invoice's office' option under the Location dimension setting:

If this setting is selected, all invoice items on all AR invoices (or sales orders, depending on your configuration) that are synced to Sage Intacct will be assigned to the Sage Intacct location dimension that matches the ServiceTrade invoice's office assignment. For instance, if the ServiceTrade invoice is assigned to your 'Charlotte Office', then each line item on the corresponding Sage Intacct AR invoice/sales order will be assigned to the 'Charlotte Office' location dimension.

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