Invoice Draft Status

Many customers have expressed that they would like to be able to more effectively manage their invoicing workflows in ServiceTrade For instance, they would like to be able to have one person initially create a 'rough draft' of an invoice, but have another person review, correct, and approve that invoice before it is ultimately sent to the customer for payment.

To support this need, today's release of ServiceTrade includes the ability to place invoices into a new 'Draft' status. This new status is meant to be used for invoices that are currently being worked on internally, but are not yet ready to be sent to your customer or synced to your accounting system.

On the new interactive invoice page, you can transition an invoice to and from 'Draft' status by editing the header section of the invoice:

On the original invoice page, you can transition an invoice to and from 'Draft' status by clicking the 'Save as Draft' button. Clicking the regular green 'Save' button will behave just as it did before (under most circumstances leaving the invoice status unchanged):

Initial Invoice Status Account Setting

In conjunction with the new 'Draft' invoice status option above, you can also specify which invoice status should be used for all newly created invoices in your ServiceTrade account. For instance, you would use this setting if you want all newly created invoices to be drafts, because you always want a second person to review those invoices before finalizing them and sending to your customer.

Unless you change this setting, all newly created invoices in your account will be given an initial status of 'OK'. You can choose from the following statuses:

  • OK
  • Draft
  • Needs Review

To change the initial invoice status setting in your account, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and choose 'Account Settings', then open the 'Account Preferences' section and scroll to 'Default invoice status':

IMPORTANT: Regardless of what setting you choose here, invoices created by technicians in the field through Work Acknowledgement will always have an initial status of 'Needs Review'.

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