Search Appointment List

It is now possible to search the appointment lists by job number (exact match only), location name, job description.

Deficiency Improvements

Technicians can now include a proposed solution when reporting a deficiency through the mobile application.

The proposed solution, and the name of the person who most recently reported the deficiency, now appear on the deficiency details page.

Default Warehouse for Job items

For technicians who have a default warehouse assigned: whenever a new job item whose type is either 'part' or 'material' is added, that item will automatically be sourced from the technician's default warehouse.

Technicians who do not have a default warehouse will need to manually select the source type 'warehouse', then select the specific warehouse from which they sourced the job item.

Bugfixes and Performance Improvements

  • Fixed: appointment durations that were fractions of hours were incorrectly displayed (e.g., '2 hr' instead of '2 hr 30 min')

  • Fixed: Help Center link not working

  • Fixed: User cannot log out while device is offline

  • Fixed: Incorrect error message when user attempts to log in while device is offline

  • Fixed: Appointment map cannot be scrolled/zoomed outside the area where appointment pins appear

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