Customizable Ad-Hoc Item Type

ServiceTrade allows you to add what are called ad-hoc items -- that is, items that don't exist on your standard item list -- to your invoices, jobs, and quotes. For instance, if you purchase an part for use on a single job that you are unlikely to use again or to keep in inventory, you might use an ad-hoc item to represent that part instead of cluttering your standard item list.

However, historically all ad-hoc items were classified as "Other" items on ServiceTrade's invoices. That caused undesirable effects when using the "Line Item Type with Detail" or "Summarize by Line Item Type" detail display levels -- for instance, an ad-hoc item might represent a part, but it would appear on the invoice to the customer in the "Other" section instead of the "Parts" section.

To enable more flexibility in how those ad-hoc items are displayed, today's release includes the ability for you to manage the type that is assigned to your ad-hoc items. For instance, if your ad-hoc items typically represent parts, then you would select "Parts" as your item type for ad-hoc items.

To change this item type setting, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and choose Account Settings, then open the Item Types section of the settings page:

IMPORTANT: If you use ServiceTrade's sharing feature to subcontract work to or from other ServiceTrade customers, note that this setting does NOT affect how those other customers see your ad-hoc items.

Better Due Date Handling When Adding Jobs

When you create a new job from the ServiceTrade location page, you must select a due date range that will be applied to that job:

However, when you are selecting the individual services to be added to this job, it's easy to accidentally select the wrong service (for instance, to select next month's instance of a monthly recurring service instead of this month's instance), which can cause you to perform the wrong service or to miss work in the future.

To help avoid these errors, any services that you select that do not "match" the job's due window will now be marked with a warning message:

If you want to adjust the job's due window so that it lines up with the service that you selected, simply click the "Update this job's Service Due date range..." link.

Invoice Opportunities Improvements

If you use ServiceTrade's recurring invoices feature, you likely use the Invoice Opportunities report to generate recurring invoices in bulk each month. With today's release, that report can search more broadly for recurring invoices for a given customer:

When you use the "Customer" search field, recurring invoices will be searched as follows:

  • Recurring invoices that are associated with contracts for the selected customer

  • Recurring invoices that are associated with contracts that do not have a customer assignment (that is, "default" contracts), and which are associated with locations belonging to the selected customer

Previously the Customer field only searched the location's customer assignment, and did not take into account the contract's customer assignment.

**Please note: The recurring invoices feature is available only to Enterprise subscribers. To upgrade your ServiceTrade subscription to Enterprise, please contact**

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