Deficiencies have both a status and a resolution.  We provide several options for both, which you may consider using to fit your needs.  This article defines these attributes, the changes you may perform on them, and the changes that happen as a result of certain actions on the deficiency.


  • "Status" - This attribute is meant to represent initial status, at the time that the tech records the deficiency.  A "new" status deficiency serves primarily as a sales lead, and should be acted on by the office asap.  A "fixed" status deficiency is essentially an FYI / due diligence.
  • "Resolution" - This attribute refers to the action(s) taken by the office in follow-up to a deficiency.

Automatic changes to deficiency status and resolution:

In most cases, the intended usage of ServiceTrade deficiencies is to create a quote, which triggers the changes listed further down in this article. We cover each of these scenarios below:

1. Create a quote from a deficiency:

  • Status changes from new to verified.
  • Resolution changes from new to out for quote.

2. Add deficiency to an existing quote:

  • Status changes from new to verified.
  • Resolution changes from new to out for quote.

3. Cancel a quote:

  • Status remains verified, as the deficiency is assumed to still be legitimate.
  • Resolution changes from out for quote to new.

4. Mark a service from a quoted deficiency as complete:

  • Status changes to fixed.
  • Resolution changes to fixed.

Manually changing status and resolution:

  • The intended "final resolution" of a deficiency is "out for quote".  However, you may wish to manually change the resolution to something else, such as "notified" (courtesy to the customer, but not a line of work we do, as an example), or "out for repair" (Redundant, as deficiency page already shows related jobs if out for repair).
  • To edit the resolution, click the resolution box on the deficiency page, and pick whichever resolution you like.  The save is immediate.
  • To edit the status, you much click "Edit" on the deficiency page.  You will be take to a new page with deficiency details, where the status may be edited. 
  • If a deficiency with the new status and resolution is added directly to a job, the status will change from new to verified and the resolution will change from new to out for repair.

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